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Since 1989 FACILITIES PLUS has been a leader in providing corporate real estate, facilities and telecommunications management.


Serving locations across the United States, Facilities PLUS delivers a unique combination of real estate management, facility management and maintenance, and telecommunications management for a variety of properties and clients. Our services are augmented by a 24-hour customer service call center and web-enabled management tools. We were formed in 1989 by spinning ourselves off from a division of GE, making us one of the early innovators in business process outsourcing. You can depend on us to safely and cost-effectively maintain your facilities and telecommunications systems.


More than 25 Years of Experience

We've been providing facilities and telecommunications services since 1989.

We were an early innovator in business process outsourcing.

By having us focus on our core competencies, our clients can focus on theirs.


Measure, Measure, Measure

The only way to know how you are doing is to measure your performance.

Our quarterly scorecards provide clients the opportunity to give feedback so we can continually improve our support.


Client Service is Key

Our clients expect us to provide highly competent support personnel.

What sets us apart, and allows us to retain our clients, is our focus on Client Service.

Our staff consistently go the extra mile for their clients.

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