Industry analysts estimate that 80% of telecommunications invoices have errors, inflating bills by up to 12%. At Facilities PLUS, we offer unique management services specifically designed to reduce our clients’ telecom costs:

  • Project Management: Our expert team will review your vendor quotes for telecommunication systems, provide recommendations, and manage installations of PBX and VoIP systems. We’ll also review circuit usage, provide recommendations for optimal configuration, and manage your installation process.
  • Day-to-Day System Management: We will review your telephone system maintenance contracts and manage repairs, including telecom systems, voice circuit issues, system changes and new additions. We can meet your network and voice wiring requests, manage telecom vendors when onsite technicians are required, and help troubleshoot your company’s mobile devices.
  • Trouble Resolution: From major outages to minor help tickets, your office can rely on a dedicated team to troubleshoot any issue you encounter.

Our clients, many of them multi-national and Fortune 500 companies, have saved millions of dollars by allowing us to review their billing in these areas.  In March 2014, we saved a division of one Fortune 500 company $1.8 million in Voice, Data and Wireless with $3 million remaining in the pipeline for the second year. For another large, multi-national client, we generated $979k in the first two years, then went into the third year with another $1.2 million in the pipeline.

Since we need an initial period to collect and analyze billing, we offer our Money Back Guarantee for the first three-to-five months of service. If you are not satisfied during that period, we will refund all fees billed less any savings that have been realized to date. After the trial period, support will be provided on a month to month basis.

For more details on our excellent work, learn more with our Case Studies.

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  • Voice: Includes a review of all voice circuits and long-distance usage bills. We work to identify inactive circuits for elimination, verify circuits by site, identify ways to reduce usage costs, and more.
  • Network and Data: Includes a review of all data circuits, leases and network maintenance billing, as appropriate. We will work to identify inactive circuits for elimination, verify circuits by site, review maintenance costs (if applicable), and more.
  • Audio Conference: Includes review of audio conference contract(s), accounts and plans. We can optimize account plans where appropriate, identify and terminate unused accounts, and advise employees on cost-reduction strategies.
  • Wireless Service: Includes a review of all wireless devices and rate plans. We will optimize device rate plans where appropriate, identify and terminate unused devices, and provide tips to employees for optimizing their costs.

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