Facilities PLUS has served a wide range of clients for nearly 30 years. Our active and prior clients total more than 400 sites in North America, covering more than six million square feet of space.

The following map highlights current and former client sites in the U.S. In addition, we provide support on a more limited basis to client sites in Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim.

By industry, current and former clients include:


  • A state highway department facility
  • A campus facility for a county government

Corporate Manufacturing & Distribution

  • A market leader in providing water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions
  • A major electrical products distributor
  • A major distributor of polymers
  • A leader in the design and manufacture of advanced sensing and measurement solutions
  • A manufacturer of industrial abrasives

Information Technology

  • A provider of computer boards, systems and software packages for manufacturers
  • A leader in communication and information technologies for security and safety systems

Banking & E-Commerce

  • A major lender for development solutions in the Americas
  • A leading global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions

The map above highlights the geographic areas of current and former Facilities Plus clients served in both the US, and sites abroad to whom we provide support on a more limited basis. 

  • We got great results and huge help this year from the Facilities PLUS team. We appreciate the perseverance driving cost savings for our business.

    Peter P.
  • I have been impressed with the cost reduction that the Facilities PLUS team has found on our behalf. Keep it up!  Thank you for all of your efforts… You are mining gold in our stream!

    Kenny N.
  • Once again Bill has impressed our folks here. I’m hoping he can be recognized internally at Facilities PLUS for exceptional customer service.

    Ernie D.
  • I would like to recognize Art’s efforts in setting up our phones. He did an enormous amount of work and assisted the facilities and construction guys to ensure everything was completed on time so the end-of-year deadline was successfully met.

    Melissa P.
  • Good Morning Kurt!  Just wanted to give an official shout out to Devin for his help in executing a delivery last evening.  Someone on our team dropped the ball in getting items shipped for an OT program this morning at the Canadian Embassy.  After speaking to Devin on how I could get these delivered to one of my teammates in Virginia Devin graciously agreed to meet him at a mutually agreed meeting location last evening and delivered the banner/tablecloth and other OT items---our event would not have had these items this morning had it not been for Devin! Thanks again Devin!

  • I'm reminded today, and every day in the summer, to be grateful for A/C so thank you for your efforts, and that of your entire team, to ensure we have a comfortable work environment here at HQ. This takes a great deal of skill and dedication to accomplish in a facility this size but it's very much appreciated!

    Lisa P.

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