We get the job done quickly, keeping things efficient from request to resolution!

  • In three days, we resolved a supplemental A/C request for a brand-new laboratory.
  • In three days, we were able to identify and hire a Building Engineer for a client.
  • In four days, we responded and constructed a client’s new VP office.

We’re your helping hand, negotiating savings for you in every aspect of the business!

  • We negotiated broker commission sharing on a major transaction, resulting in a $500,000 check from the broker to our client.
  • Our lease review for a new client found $75,000 in overcharges.
  • We secured a 3% reduction in elevator maintenance vs. the contractual 4% increase.
  • We implemented a revised food service approach at 50% reduction in the subsidy.

We’ll be there for you, where you need us, when you need us!

  • We responded to UPS battery failure by load shedding and consolidating good batteries until replacement units arrived.
  • In anticipation of Hurricane Katrina, we forwarded phones in branches in advance of the storm.
  • We replaced PBX and Voice Mail for one of our clients just two days after a lightning strike.

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