About Us

Our Philosophy

Facilities PLUS has developed some unique philosophies since establishing in 1989. We think these philosophies provide an insight into what makes us better.

Perception is Reality

The client’s perception of our services does, in fact, determine how well we are performing. Our perception of the services we provide is irrelevant. Thus, for example, our scorecards are largely subjective. While they contain performance metrics, we understand that metrics cannot measure client satisfaction. Thus, the “scores” clients provide for our scorecards are entirely up to them.

We work hard every day to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, not merely working to predefined metrics.

Put the Contract in a Drawer

We don’t view every request for support as an opportunity to negotiate additional price, but instead as an opportunity to help our clients be successful. Within reason, we go above and beyond contractual Scope of Work to address our clients’ needs.

We work every day to help our clients succeed. We don’t waste a lot of time interpreting contracts for opportunities to extract more fees.

Leverage Technology, but Apply the 80/20 Rule

Technology is a beautiful thing. It can tell you instantly how much space you have available in the Houston office, the status of a phone problem work ticket, or allow instant access to a lease document. But technology can be very expensive, oftentimes costing more than it is worth. Thus, we consistently apply the 80/20 Rule with technology, knowing that 80% of the desired benefit can be obtained for 20% of the total expenditure, and that the other 20% isn’t worth the remaining 80% expenditure.

We focus on cost-effective approaches, allowing us to provide technology-enabled solutions while keeping price low for our clients.

Company History

Facilities Plus was formed in 1989 by spinning off the Facilities Management team from GE Information Services. We believe it was one of the first contracts to totally outsource real estate, facilities and telecommunications management. GE Information Services, now known as GXS/Open Text, continues to be a valued client. Over nearly 30 years we have implemented many innovations and added many clients.

In 1994 Facilities PLUS was ranked #97 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U. S.

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